‘I like good food and the afternoon drink (borrel) is the best moment of the day. When people came over for drinks – before I had set up the Borrelbox – I always went big. Only then, I had to go through the whole city to find the perfect get-together. Or I stood in the kitchen for hours. I like that, but of course not everyone shares the same thought. So when I went out for drinks with others, I often recognized the same Albert Heijn cheeses, chips and Melba toasts. I thought that was a shame. That is how the idea was born: making others happy with my love for afternoon drinks. Drinks without fuss, as if you were getting a present. ‘

‘The Borrelbox is completely homemade, except for the various cheeses and cold cuts (which you can order separately) and comes as a box full of surprises. I am constantly in the kitchen and what I like best is inventing new snacks and trying them out. By continuously innovating, I can surprise customers with a different set-up every time. Served with bites that you only get at the Borrelbox. ‘

‘I make the Borrelbox for both private and business customers. For a party or an evening with friends at home. Or as the perfect base for a meeting, team-building event or a social event with colleagues.’

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