Caroline van Keeken, copywriter of OUT AND ABOUT, interviewed Francisco Paramos, who captures meetings & events through film & photography.

What is your specialty?
“Event and interior photography, and portraits. I take photos and videos that tell a story. I always pay attention to that. They are never just images; they are stories.”

How do you do that during an event?
“I try to capture the emotion in the space. And catch the right moment. I look for the details, because they are incredibly important. A photo or video is only successful when I have captured someone’s facial expression. Or when you capture a certain interaction between people.”

What surprised you the most when shooting events?
“That you form a bond with the people you photograph. I really immerse myself in what I see, instead of only taking a few photos. That leads to building a relationship. I like that very much.”

Does something ever go wrong?
“Of course. My biggest blunder occurred during a wedding. I always have two cameras with me, and they are strapped to my chest straps. During the ‘yes’ moment at the ceremony, one of those cameras fell onthe ground. Bam! The bridal couple looked up in terror, as did the guests and the wedding official. Fortunately nothing was broken, but I was embarrassed.”

Who are your mentors?
“Rich Stapleton, who photographs for Cereal Magazine. Toby Mitchell and Patrick Chin, who make beautiful architectural images. Just like Patrick Chin, I like to photograph beautiful spaces filled with people. Not just large, empty areas. Anyway, I prefer not to look at the work of others too much. I don’t want it to influence my work.”

Which photo project are you most proud of?

“My photo album titled ‘Adriana, Elisa, Manuele, Ludovina’. For this project, I followed four special women during important moments in their lives. ”